Williams Sonoma visa application delays again

Sonoma, Calif.

— — Williams Sonomaca’s visa application for a Visiting Artist visa was delayed again, according to his attorney.

The application was sent in May to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office, and it was supposed to be approved within two weeks.

But it took a year to complete, and that’s when Williams Sonomas attorney, Tom Lipsky, said he learned about the delay.

Lipsky said he received an email Friday from Sonoma Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Lipsman, who told him the application had been delayed again.

Lipsman did not provide any further information, and Sonoma officials did not return a phone call from USA TODAY.

Sonoma officials said they are aware of the situation and are taking steps to ensure all of the information needed to complete the application is available for review.

Sonomacas Department of Health said the department is looking into the issue and has forwarded the application to Sonoma State University, where the Sonomacos have a campus.