Why you should visit Canada’s capital and why you should not

Why you shouldn’t visit Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, if you are a tourist or a business person.

But if you work in Canada, this is a must-visit list of reasons why you would want to visit the city.1.

You have a job in Canada and you want to move here to work, learn or retire.2.

You want to have a better understanding of Canada and its culture.3.

You like to stay in a small town.4.

You enjoy shopping and food.5.

You are planning to start a family in Canada.6.

You think the country is more interesting than its geography.7.

You might have a hard time finding a job here.8.

You see the city from a new perspective.9.

You love Canada’s history, its people and its landscapes.10.

You would like to experience the beauty of Canada from a different angle.11.

You need to experience something special in Canada before you decide to live there.12.

You consider Canada your home, and the people here are so wonderful and caring.13.

You feel connected to the city and its people.14.

You will enjoy visiting the beautiful city of Toronto and its environs, and you would like your visit to be memorable.15.

You hope to experience Canada’s unique culture, and Canada is your favourite place in the world.16.

You appreciate the fact that the Canadian government and Parliament are committed to the protection of Canadian interests, and that Canada is one of the most generous countries in the developed world.17.

You’re looking forward to visiting the City of Toronto in the future and have a good reason to visit.18.

You plan to visit Canada on your next trip, and want to be able to experience it in a different way.19.

You know you’re going to be happy in Toronto and want a memorable and safe experience.20.

You’ve had an experience in the country, and now you want more.