Visa for China: Chase India’s visa

Visa for India’s Visa for Chinese nationals, which was last extended in July 2018, was extended to June 2019, the Ministry of External Affairs said in a tweet.

The extension is for a period of one year.

The ministry said that the extension would provide for the Indian visa holders to remain in the country for five years, while the Chinese visa holders would be able to stay for five more years.

“Indian citizens wishing to visit China should avail of the visa for their nationals of China for five-year period,” the ministry said.

The move comes as China is pushing India to make greater efforts to boost the economy and build bridges with neighbours in a bid to maintain its diplomatic foothold in the South Asian nation.

India and China, which are also competing for regional dominance, have been locked in a fierce dispute over territorial disputes over the Himalayan region, which is home to India’s most important archaeological sites.