Trump to sign executive order reviving visas and visa intellilsink for US citizens and permanent residents

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order to revive visas and visas intellilationink for citizens and residents of the United States, his administration said Wednesday.

The order will be formally signed by the president on Thursday.

The announcement is expected on Friday.

The White House said the order would create a pathway for US nationals to return to the United State if they become eligible for a green card or other visa, a temporary status that grants full access to the country.

Under the current system, the government limits the number of green cards that can be issued to citizens and allows visa holders to remain in the United Sates even if they do not have green cards.

The move would provide more flexibility for foreign nationals seeking entry into the United U.S. The Trump administration has long said it wants to boost immigration and reduce the number, though it has not released an estimate of how many people would be affected.

The administration has also said it would continue to crack down on visa fraud and would expand visa issuance to more countries in Asia.