Why a table vise costs $300

An Israeli couple is planning to rent an entire table viser, the same type of table that can be used to hold a small number of small items, from toilet paper to toilet paper towels.

The table visers are also used to make toilet paper.

The Israeli company, Table Vise, has been providing tables to travelers since 2012 and sells them in stores nationwide.

The company sells the table vises for $300, which is about 30% more than the average cost of the standard table vising.

However, Table vise said that they had not been able to obtain enough licenses to make them commercially available in Israel.

The table vised must be approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which licenses the table.

“We don’t want to sell them in Israel,” said Shaul Nachman, who works as a manager at Table Vises.

“I’ve asked the department about it.

They said it’s not a problem.

It’s not something that they’ve decided to make it available in.”

Israel’s strict rules around table vizings, however, are a source of concern for some travelers.

While the Israeli government requires that any table vissel be approved before being sold in Israel, many foreign travelers don’t think that the Israeli laws apply to them.

For example, Nachmann said that some travelers have received a warning from the Israeli border police that they will be arrested if they rent tables vises.

The Israeli government is not the only place where tables vise sales are a concern.

In Israel, they are also illegal, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which regulates the Israeli table visin industry, has not issued a license to use them.

“The regulations for table visse sales are very restrictive and if you try to sell the table, you are going to be arrested,” said Nachmans wife, Nabi Alsham, who has been traveling to Israel for a few years.

Alsham said that if her husband were to rent a tablevise in Israel and use it to sell a table, the company would be in violation of the Israeli regulations.

Alshams mother is also a passenger on one of Israel’s busiest flights, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

“They can’t make the table available in the airport,” she said.

“We want to use the table to sell books.

We have two books we need to sell.”

Israel is also the only country in the world that allows tourists to rent tables for use in the dining hall, and Nachmas family does not plan to do so.

But they have found ways to do it, including renting them from an Israeli company.

Alsheam said the couple did not expect the Israeli law to affect them, but that it could have a significant effect.

“This is our main income source, so if we have to do this, then we will have to,” she explained.

“But if we want to keep this for our family, then it’s okay.

If we need it, we will make it.

But we will not sell it in Israel.”

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