How to get a visa for Canada to stay

With an expected influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa in the coming weeks, Canada is looking to bring in skilled workers.

But while the government says it is planning to welcome nearly 200,000 refugees in the next few months, it has some questions about who will qualify.

How will you know if someone’s a refugee?

The Immigration and Refugee Board is looking for applicants to fill positions, but the board is also reviewing applications for skilled workers and refugees.

There is no formal vetting process.

The board is considering an open-ended application process and said it is not sure what the criteria for each category are.

What is the process for people who apply for temporary visas?

You can apply online for a temporary visa, which is temporary and is only valid for up to 180 days.

You can only apply for a permanent visa if you are from a specific country.

For example, a tourist from China is eligible for a visa if they’re from Canada and can show they have the skills required to work in the United States.

The person must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee.

The process is complicated, and it can take several months to get approved.

If you need help applying, CBC News has a guide.

Who gets a temporary or permanent visa?

People who are a resident of the U.S. or Canada, but who are in transit to the U .

S. to apply for permanent residence or work authorization.

If someone already has a visa, they must apply online to get one.

If someone has already been approved, they can get a temporary worker visa, or work permit, and then a permanent worker visa when they leave the U., but it takes longer.

The two must be in transit.

Temporary workers can be in the U for a year, and permanent workers can stay for two years.

The board also wants to see how many refugees are applying for temporary permits and temporary visas.

For some people, that could mean only a small group, which means it may be difficult to vet those applicants.

They will need to apply with a high-level of confidence, and they have to meet certain standards.

How to apply?

The board will make a decision on the application within six weeks of receiving the application.

Applicants will have to have a valid photo ID, a letter of employment and proof of residence.

The Canadian government will also be collecting information about applicants, such as their addresses and phone numbers, to help determine who will be admitted into the country.

What are the qualifications for a skilled worker visa?

In Canada, a skilled immigrant needs a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

It is required for a work permit and a visa.

Can people get temporary visas for Canada?


The only way to get permanent resident status in Canada is for a job to be offered in the country, and that can be only for a few years.

However, Canada does allow temporary workers to apply to live and work in Canada.

The government also has programs to help people who can’t find jobs.

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Department says it has set up a pilot program for a limited number of workers in the Middle Eastern countries, where there are an estimated 2 million refugees.