When the flu hits the West Coast, here are the best spots to be in the West

LOS ANGELES —  If you have been thinking about going to the beach or to the mountains to relax, it is time to take a look.

The flu season has been on the decline, with only a few weeks remaining for the pandemic to be fully implemented.

In the West, where the pandemics first appeared in late March, there are already two weeks remaining.

Here are the top five locations to be best prepared for the flu: Los Angeles: The beaches, beaches, and the mountains of the LA basin.

For most people, this is where the weather is at its most favorable, but for those who are looking for a respite, there is plenty of opportunities.

At the beach, head out on the water and go to a local beach to get into a warm body of water.

Then, hike, jog, or hike, jump in the pool or swim, or just go out to the city and relax.

Or you can go out and do some surfing and beach volleyball.

Also, if you’re visiting a friend’s house, take advantage of the free weekend to play some pool.

There are also a few places to enjoy a day at the beach in the Los Angeles basin. 

The area has been experiencing an uptick in the number of cases in recent weeks, and many hotels and vacation rental companies are offering free or reduced rates for people to visit.

As you can see, it’s an easy decision to go out.

If you are going to be outdoors, don’t be surprised if there are no public parks, beaches or other recreational areas available.

The city of Huntington Beach is located at the eastern end of the city, just west of Los Angeles.

Huntington Beach has one of the lowest rates of flu cases in the country, with the highest numbers reported in Long Beach, Santa Ana and Orange counties.

One of Huntington’s main attractions is the Huntington Beach Beach Roller Derby Club, a small roller derby team that competes in leagues that run from September through November.

The team holds a regular season game on the beach. 

Los Alamitos, the largest city in Los Angeles County, is located in Santa Barbara County and has one the lowest numbers of cases of the flu. 

At least one of its main attractions are the Long Beach State Fairgrounds, which feature the longest and most popular parade in the United States, which includes a float and a carousel.

It is also the location of the annual Orange County Fair. 

For those who want a little extra entertainment, Huntington Beach hosts the Orange County Film Festival, which features films by local and foreign directors and actors. 

San Diego: At least six of the San Diego metro area’s most popular tourist destinations are located in Southern California, including the Santa Clarita, San Diego, San Francisco, Long Beach and Orange Counties. 

While most of the region is still in a mild flu season, the flu has been declining in some areas of the county. 

In Southern California’s Riverside County, flu cases have dropped dramatically since the beginning of the pandemaker, but at some locations, cases have been going up. 

If your favorite tourist destination is in the region, you can stay safe.

The flu is on the rise and is expected to keep getting worse in the next few weeks.