What you need to know about the tanzana visa application

The government has issued a tourist visa to Tanzania after two of the country’s most prominent human rights groups complained of a lack of clarity about how the visa was issued.

The Tanzanian government has been in a protracted dispute with the advocacy group Free Tanzania, which filed the visa application for its nationals after it was told the visa would not be issued until they applied.

It was not immediately clear how the Tanzanians’ concerns were resolved.

But the government has said the application was approved after the two groups submitted the required paperwork.

“The visa application process was expedited and approved by the Tanzaan Government.

The Tanzanan Government has provided us with an updated version of the application and its approval,” the Tanzans embassy said in a statement.

While Tanzania is a member of the African Union, it does not have the same diplomatic relations with African countries that some of its neighbours have.

In addition to the visa issue, the government’s decision to allow foreigners to live in the country after it tightened its travel restrictions came after a petition from a group of students from the University of the West Indies.

They claimed that the country was becoming a breeding ground for terrorist groups and called for the Tanzi government to do more to prevent it.

The government has denied the claims, saying it had acted to “protect Tanzanans’ lives”.

The government also said that it was working on plans to increase the number of Tanzani visitors to the country.