Canadians can stay in Canada with their Canadian passport

Canadian citizens with a valid visa may apply to have their visa renewed at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in Ottawa.

Canadian citizens can also apply to renew their Canadian visitor visa.

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration said this week it was issuing a new visa renewal process, which allows Canadians to stay in the country for up to six months without applying for a visa at the Embassy or the Consulate.

Canadian citizens can apply for a renewal visa if their application has not been received by February 19.

It is the first time the Ministry of Public Safety has given such information.

The ministry said it is reviewing all applications to renew a Canadian visitor’s visa, and will consider those that meet certain requirements.

A Canadian passport holder can apply to stay temporarily in Canada for up-to-three months at the Consular District in Ottawa or the Provincial and Territorial Immigration offices in Toronto.

If an applicant is found to be eligible for a visitor visa, they will be required to provide proof of their Canadian citizenship, which must include a photograph, proof of employment, a certificate of residence, proof that they are married and have children, and a document certifying their ability to contribute financially to the family and contribute to the community.

In some cases, the visa holder will also be required, for example, to provide an affidavit of employment or a certificate stating they have completed an internship.

If an application is accepted, the applicant will be sent a new application fee of $5, which can be waived if the applicant has a valid passport and the required documentation is provided.

The new application process will continue through the end of March, according to a press release.

Immigration and Citizenship Canada will continue to support Canadians who are seeking temporary protection in Canada, as well as those who have already been granted visas.