How to apply for a Baha’i health visa in the UK

A British man who has been working in the Middle East for nearly 20 years is seeking to apply to work in the United Kingdom.

Mahmoud Agha, an Iraqi-born British citizen, is applying for a visa for work in Britain, the Foreign Office said.

Mr Agha arrived in the country in 2004 after having lived in Jordan for more than a decade, the British embassy said in a statement.

The British embassy in Jordan said Mr Agha has a Bachelors degree in physics from Oxford University and an MBA in finance from University College London.

He has worked as a mechanical engineer, a systems engineer, computer systems engineer and an engineering manager at the British National Engineering Museum in London.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said Mr Ogha was applying for the temporary visa because he was a British national who is “a very important member of the community”.

“He is very close to the community in the city of Leeds and the surrounding areas,” the spokesperson said.

“The British Embassy in Jordan is aware of his interest in returning to the UK and is providing advice.”

Mr Aghas brother, Mohammad Agha Saeed, said he was “very pleased” the British Embassy was helping.

“He [Mr Aghan] has always been very supportive of British people,” he told the BBC.

“His brother is also a British citizen.

He came to the US when he was in high school and now he’s here.”

Mr Saeed added that his brother was “wonderful” and “the best person I’ve ever known”.

Mr Aaghas mother, Aha Saeed Agha said her son had worked as an engineering supervisor in Dubai for a few years and had been looking for work ever since.

“When he came to England [in 2004] he did the maths for the GCSEs.

He has worked at a university, in the health and social care sectors, and also at a car repair shop,” she said. 

The British government said Mr Saeed was an “entrepreneur” who was “well-qualified” for the position.

“We are pleased to be able to support him and provide him with the support he needs to fulfil his dream of returning to his home country,” the statement read.

“As a British person, he is welcome to visit the UK with a British passport.”

A Foreign Affairs spokeswoman said: “We welcome all British nationals to work and study in the world’s leading economic and cultural hub, which we will continue to expand.”

The embassy added: “Mr Agana’s intention is to return to the United States where he is a vital member of a community which is welcoming to British nationals, and where he will work and contribute to our economy.”‘

He is an important member’Mr Saeeds family said they had received no official notification of Mr Aghan’s plans, but were in touch with British consular officials.

“It is a very good news for him,” Mr Saees said.