Why the city’s new ‘fairer’ shirt slogan won’t work with the Tories

The Tory government’s new slogan for the Toronto Fair Trade and Fair Housing (TF&H) Initiative, aimed at increasing the number of affordable homes for the city, will make no sense with the Conservatives.

The Fair Housing Strategy, which was launched in May, aims to make the city “a more welcoming place for everyone.”

But Tory spokesman Benoit Boisvert said Thursday that the Tory government is not endorsing the TFW&H initiative, because it does not fit with its stated goals of reducing inequality.

“We don’t endorse the TFIH initiative.

It doesn’t reflect the government’s goals for Toronto,” he said.

Boisvest said the slogan has nothing to do with the government of Mayor Rob Ford and is “based on a personal preference for the government.”

Ford, a former mayor, was not a member of the Tory party until his election to Parliament in October 2013.

Ford, who had previously spoken out against the T&H Initiative, tweeted last month that the TTF&h initiative is a “shame” for Toronto.

“This is a shameful initiative and a shame for our city,” Ford tweeted.

“The TTFH Initiative is designed to encourage Toronto residents to live more comfortably and more economically, but the Liberals and Conservatives have chosen to take the government to court, and they will lose.”

Boisest said the TFP&h Initiative is a government initiative and has no relationship to the government or the city.

“When the TFT&H Initiatives are in effect, the City of Toronto’s social housing needs are increased, but they are not a part of the City’s overall fair housing strategy,” he wrote.

The TFT initiative aims to increase the number or number of housing units in Toronto, with a focus on low- and moderate-income neighbourhoods. “

Our goal is to increase housing equity for everyone and to do that by ensuring that every resident is able to live in a place where they can live in peace and security.”

The TFT initiative aims to increase the number or number of housing units in Toronto, with a focus on low- and moderate-income neighbourhoods.

The government announced a number of initiatives to help reduce inequality in the city last year, including the Fair Housing Investment Program (TFIP), which aims to create more housing units of at least 80 per cent market-rate in low-income and medium-income areas.

A portion of the proceeds from TFTIP will go towards the purchase of affordable housing for low- to middle-income families.

The Toronto Fair Housing Collaborative, a group of Toronto businesses, organizations and individuals working to increase equity in the Toronto market, said Thursday it is working with the city to help create a new slogan that fits the government initiative’s goals.

“In our discussions, we’ve been really happy to see the Tory Government align with the goals of the TFF&h,” said Jennifer Coughlin, co-chair of the Toronto Fairs, which includes the city fair and market fairs.

As long as people know they’re not being discriminated against, that it’s an open, fair and fair process, it’ll go a long way.”