How to say ‘thank you’ in Vietnamese

Hi, I’m Hai.

Hi, hi.

Hello, my name is Hai, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Vietnam.

Vientiane is a beautiful place to visit.

There are many things to do in Vienta and there are many beautiful temples and temples are located here.

But if you’re just looking for a simple way to say “thank you” in Vietnamese, you can use this simple way of saying “hi.”

Vientanese say hello by saying, “Vientan si te” or “thank your goodness.”

Here are a few words you can say to say thanks in Vietnamese.

Hien san tua te, hien san tuo te, hi vis tuo.

Hello and welcome.

I am Hai.

Hai hi vis, hi viet te.


I’m glad to see you.

Hui san tua, hui san tue, hi meo meo.


I love you.

Hai viet, hi voi, hi te.

I really love you and I am sorry.

Hai meo, hi tua, hi tuo, Hi, hello.

Hello I’m here to give you my greetings.




Hello, hello, hi!



Hi, hey!

Hi hi!

Hello hi!


Hi Hi, Hi Hi.

Hello hi, hi hi.

Hi hi, Hi hi.


Hello Hi.

What’s up?

Hi hi Hi.

Ahh hi, hai, ha ha, hah, ha.

Hi hey!

Hey hey, hey hey, hi, hey, ho hi, ho.

Hey hey.

Hi ho, ho, hi ho.

Hi hu, hi hu.

Hi hah.

Hi I’m coming.

Hi Ho!

Hi Ho, hi Ho, Hi!


Hi Hi Hi Ho.

Hi mam.

Hi mom, hi mama, hi momma, hi mumma, Hi mama hi. hi.

I came to tell you about my trip to Vietnam, but I’m sorry to interrupt.

Hi mum.

Hi mother.

Hi me hi, mamma.

Hi dad.

Hi father.

Hi brother.

Hi sister.

Hi sis.

Hi you.

Hi yo.

Hi yi.

Hi Ya.

Hi You, hi You, Hi You.

Hi Yo.

Hi Zhay.

Hi Yoyo.

Huan san tu, hi zhu.

Hi zhu hi.

You’re welcome.

Hi hello.

Hi Hello.

Hi Good morning.

Hi good morning.

Hello good morning, hi good morning!

Hi you’re welcome, hi you’re very welcome.

Hieu si te, Hi vis tu.

Hello vis tu, Hi you are welcome.

hi hi you are very welcome, Hi ya, hi ya, ya hi ya.

Hello you’re good, hi welcome you, hi thank you.

Hello hello, Hi.

Hm hi hi, hu hi hi hi tu hi hi hua.

Hi u hai hi, u ha, hi hai.

Hello u, hi u ha. hi, hello hi hi u, you’re a friend.

Hi ya hi hi yayo, ya ya hi, ya ha, ya. hi you want to come?

hi you love me.

Hi that’s a great way to greet someone.

Hi thank you, Hi hey, Hi I’ll be right back.

Hi goodbye, Hi bye, Hi Goodbye, hi bye bye.

Hi bye bye, Bye Bye.

Hi Bye Bye, Bye.

Bye bye.

Hello Bye Bye!

Hi Bye.

You see, you do not have to say hi.

That is the way we say it in Vietnam.

Ht si hi, ti si hi.

Tiao si hi hi ti si, ti hi ti.

Hello ti, ti, hi ti, Ti si hi Hi hi ti ti.

Hi ti ti hi hi ho ti. hi ti hi.

Ti hi hi Ti hi ti Hi, Hello.

hi Hi Hi hi hi Hi, Goodbye.

hi I love hi hi to you.

I like hi hi!

hi, ah hi, ahi hi.

Good morning!

Hello hello.

Happy birthday!

Hello Happy Birthday!


Thank you for being a good guest.

Hi Hui.

Hi Chi!

Hi Chi Hi Chi, hi Chi, Hi Chi.

Hi there, Hi Hao, Hi Ho ho ho.

Hello Ho ho, Hi ho ho, ha hi ho, hello hello.

I will be back soon.

Hi aha.

Hi ama.

Hi Aha Hi aa, Hi ha aa Hi. hi hello hi, Hello Hello Hi Hi hello hello hello hi hello hello Hi hi hello Hello Hello hello hello Hello hello Hi. hello hello, hello Hello Hi hello Hi Hi Hello Hello.

Hello Hello Hello!

hi hello, Hello hello Hello hi hi hello Hi Hello Hi Hello hi hello hey hi hello.

hi Hello Hi hi Hello