Why is there so much talk about the US-Canada visa lottery?

Posted June 07, 2019 07:15:18There’s a lot of chatter about the Canada-US visa lottery, but there’s a catch: It doesn’t actually exist.

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) announced on Friday that the lottery is not in operation.

That means if you applied for a visa on or before June 18, 2019, you’ll need to apply again, which could take up to a year.

And if you apply for a new visa, you’d have to wait up to six months before you can begin working.

What’s the point of all this?

It’s a problem that affects a wide range of people from job seekers to migrants.

For many of those, Canada-USA visa applications can be the only way to get work.

For more than a year, Canada has been looking for ways to ease some of the stress on its economy.

But the government has also been struggling to find ways to make the process of finding a work visa more transparent and easier to understand.

The government has launched a public information campaign to help Canadians understand how much work visas cost and how much money is required to qualify.

And it is working to encourage people to apply for work visas to reduce the strain on Canada’s already stretched immigration system.

For many applicants, the visa lottery isn’t even a consideration.

It’s just a matter of how much time they have left before the end of their contract.

For some, that means staying in Canada for a few months to find a job.

For others, it means staying longer.

Some people are working on their visa contracts to find the right job.

But for others, the lottery isn, in fact, a significant barrier to finding a job or a job that fits their qualifications.

“The number of people who are not actually working in the country at the moment is really concerning to us,” says immigration lawyer Jason Leclerc.

“It’s a very, very small number of Canadians who are actually able to qualify for work.”

That’s why Leclernc has teamed up with a number of immigration lawyers and researchers to create the visa application website.

The website, called WorkVisaCanada, has already received more than 3 million online submissions.

But it’s not the only place where Canadians can apply for visas.

For people who qualify for a temporary work visa, the government is looking at a different method.

In a recent news release, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced that, beginning in the summer, a temporary visa will be available for people who want to work in the US or Canada while they wait for a work permit.

That means people who already have a work contract can apply online and receive a temporary immigrant visa.

The government will also launch an online application system for new immigrants who are seeking a work or student visa.

This is not the first time Canada has taken action to help alleviate some of its work visa challenges.

Last year, the Immigration and Refugees Board launched a new process for applicants that includes an online system that lets people apply for their visas and receive work permits within minutes.

This new system is intended to help ease the strain for people like Haidar Alshawi who had a very hard time applying for a Canadian work visa.

Alshawawi, a Saudi national who worked in Canada in the 1990s and 2000s, was turned away from the US in 2011.

He’s currently in a legal battle with the US government.

He says the US visa process is confusing and burdensome, and that he’s not sure if he will ever be able to work legally again in Canada.

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