Which Canadian work visas are valid for travel to the US?

This article is part of our continuing coverage of Canada’s work visa program, which is administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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The Canadian government has a comprehensive work visa process that allows people to work in Canada without needing a work permit.

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The most common work visas that are available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents include:The Work-Study Visa allows Canadian citizens to work on a short-term basis, such as for a temporary internship or job training.

This is valid for up to six months.

This visa allows Canadians to work full-time without having to obtain a work-study permit.

The requirements for the work-Study visa are similar to the work visa requirements for a work visa.

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The B1 Visa allows foreign nationals who have completed a degree from a Canadian institution of higher education, or have completed an apprenticeship program, to work temporarily on a full- or part-time basis without needing to obtain permission from the Canadian government.

The B1 visa is valid only for up-to-six months and requires a Canadian-issued work permit to be issued.

The Canadian government also allows temporary foreign workers to work for the duration of a business trip, including a business retreat, business vacation, or a trip to the U.S.

The U.K. also offers a limited work visa that is valid in the U-K.

The U.J. visa is the Canadian equivalent of the UB1 visa.

The British Columbia government offers an employment visa, the BC Work Visa, which allows citizens of the British Columbia Province to work without a work or study permit for up 24 months.

The visa allows foreign workers from the United Kingdom to work as temporary employees in Canada.

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