Visa lottery: It’s not easy to win, but it’s possible

The first lottery for visa-free travel to the Saudi kingdom in Saudi Arabia will be held on Monday, the kingdom’s foreign ministry announced, the first time that an Arab country has hosted a lottery in the country.

The announcement comes after two weeks of uncertainty in the kingdom over the fate of the visa lottery.

Last month, King Salman issued a decree ordering that the government start accepting visas, but he was quick to clarify that it would be open to all, not just citizens of Saudi Arabia.

In an effort to address public concerns about the lottery, the ministry on Friday announced that Saudi Arabia would hold the first lottery in a year, which will be a limited edition of two tickets, worth $100 and $50, with the first ticket being allocated to the winner.

The lottery is set to take place at the King Abdulaziz International Convention Center in the capital, Riyadh, from Monday, Jan. 15.

Saudi Arabia is also offering a one-year visa waiver, which was also announced.

The ministry’s announcement came after two days of uncertainty about the status of the lottery.

In the early hours of Jan. 8, the state news agency SPA reported that the Saudi government was not ready to offer visas to the entire kingdom.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA) also reported that Prince Turki bin Fahd, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, had told members of the royal family to “prepare to submit their applications” for visas.

The Kingdom of Saudi and its people, said Saudi Interior Minister Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah al-Sabah in a statement, “do not want the people of the Kingdom to lose any opportunity to participate in this lottery, which is a chance to benefit our brothers and sisters in the Arab world.”

The kingdom has previously offered visas to people from around the world, but the number of people coming from Saudi Arabia has been rising in recent years.

In 2011, there were 3.8 million Saudi nationals living in the United States, but by 2018 that number had risen to 7.3 million, according to the Bureau of Immigration.

In 2018, the Kingdom of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued its first visa waiver to the citizens of the U.S. in two decades, bringing the number to 2.8m.