New Vise Grip Pliers for $5.99 (Amazon)

New Vises Grip Plier for $4.99 is the latest addition to the Vise grip.

Available for $2.99, the grip is a standard plastic Vise, and features a stainless steel blade.

If you have ever had a knife with a sharp blade, you’ll recognize this one from the Viscosity knives from last year.

Like the standard Vise Pliers, the new grip can hold a 1-inch blade, but it’s also equipped with an ambidextrous thumbscrew and a built-in battery.

Both the standard and built-ins versions are the same size, so you’ll only need to change the size if you need to replace a blade.

The new Vise is available for $3.99 from Amazon, and you can also find it for $1.49 from Walmart.

The Vise comes with an included 3-year warranty, and the standard version comes with a $5 shipping charge.