Travellers stranded in Turkey can apply for Schengen Visa

Travellers who want to visit Turkey for more than 30 days can apply to the Schengens for a Schengener visa.

However, they must apply through the country’s official embassy.

They also have to prove that they have a good quality of life and are not on a watch list.

It was not possible to access the embassy in Ankara to request the visa.

But Turkish foreign ministry spokeswoman Fatma Zia told reporters that the country was not planning to suspend the Scheungen agreement until it had a better understanding of the situation in Turkey.

“It is possible that Turkey will not allow Schengened countries to issue visas to travellers with valid passports.

We have not received any such order.

We will review the situation as soon as possible and decide on the best way to deal with it,” she said.

The country’s migration minister, Mehmet Simsek, said on Wednesday that the government would consider “proper measures” to protect its citizens and citizens of Schengenteen countries, including tightening visa requirements.