How to apply for fiance visa in Israel

The Jewish Agency of Israel (JAI) will be issuing gift cards for those who have a fiancé visa, a gift that can be exchanged for an Israeli marriage license.JAI Director-General Shlomo Gold said in a statement on Monday that Israel would be issuing a gift card for a total of 15 million Israelis in the coming weeks, which will be distributed to couples with fiancé visas.

Gold said that JAI had already received “more than 20,000 requests” from Israeli couples for their fiance visa gifts, and that they would be issued.

The gift card will be exchanged in Israel for an official Israeli marriage certificate.

A gift card is a paper document issued by the JAI.

Its value is dependent on the length of time a card is valid.

In Israel, it can be used for several things.

For example, a Visa Card, issued for an indefinite period of time, can be redeemed for the marriage license of a same-sex couple.

A Marriage Card, which is valid for the duration of the marriage, can also be used to redeem for an Israel marriage certificate for a same sex couple.

A Marriage Certificate can be issued for a limited period of three years, after which it is not valid for purposes of issuing a marriage license or issuing a divorce.

A marriage certificate can also serve as a “proof of identity” for a couple in a civil partnership.

The certificate is issued by a marriage tribunal in the event of divorce, or it can serve as proof of the validity of a marriage contract between two parties.

The JAI will issue the cards in the following denominations:5,000JPY, $1.25, or €1.00AJPY will be deposited in a bank account and used to pay the marriage fee and to pay for the gift card, Gold said.

The cards will be valid for up to 15 days, after that, they will expire.

The card is also valid for domestic partners, Gold added.