‘Wanna see me again?’: Trump and Pence want visas for refugees

Pence, Trump, and a handful of other GOP presidential hopefuls have been lobbying for a visa program for refugees from the seven countries that Donald Trump has threatened to impose a travel ban on if he’s elected.

The U.S. already admits more than 12,000 refugees each year, according to the State Department.

Pence, in particular, has been outspoken about the need to allow refugees to stay and work in the United States.

And he has pushed for the resettlement of refugees and the establishment of a visa waiver program.

Trump has said he will not allow refugees from Syria and Iraq to resettle in the U.K. and the United Kingdom.

Pence said Wednesday that the resettlement program needs to be “frozen” in the meantime.

The vice president also suggested he would consider letting the U .

S. refugee resettlement program expire as a way to allow people from other countries to settle in the country.

Pence also said he was open to allowing refugees from Central America and Mexico to resettled in the US.

“The president and I are open to looking at options to help bring a lot of people back from countries where they are persecuted, where they face discrimination and where they feel they are not welcome,” Pence said.

“We are looking at what the best way to help is.”

Pence also reiterated his opposition to President Barack Obama’s executive order allowing the entry of refugees from countries with a history of human rights abuses into the U, saying it would be “disastrous” for the United Nations and for the U’s “nation-state values.”

The Trump administration on Tuesday issued an order that blocked all refugees from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United State.