Disney’s ‘Visa Card’ is the world’s first interactive travel card (News: NYTimes)

Disney is now selling a Disney Visa Card that you can use to travel anywhere in the world in under 30 minutes, with no need to visit a hotel or taxi.

The card, which costs $39.99 and comes with one year of Disney travel, is available to buy from Disney stores in the US, Canada and the UK.

It works by scanning a QR code and a QR-code reader onto your smartphone.

“We’re making it easier to travel, by letting you stay anywhere in less than 30 minutes,” says Walt Disney Imagineering’s Steve J. Hirsch.

The new Visa Card can also be used to buy Disney products and services at any Disney store, and it will also let you stay at any of Disney’s hotels.

Disney says the card will help you explore the parks, resorts and other properties that the company has built, including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and the World Showcase.

“It’s like a card to get around,” says Disney Imagineers Steven K. Hays and Dan Wren.

The company is hoping the card is an instant hit, with the number of users growing every day.

Disney will launch the card online this summer.

A version of the card that can be used at other retailers including Target, Kohl’s and CVS is also being made available.

Disney has been testing the card at its parks and resorts in the United States, including Disneyland, California Adventure, California Science Center and Magic Kingdom.

The Visa Card was initially developed by Imagineering, which has worked on many theme park-based cards.

“The idea of Disney using an online card to connect with the world has been a longstanding goal for the company,” says Bob Schmitt, a senior vice president for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, in a statement.

“This is a big step in that direction.”